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How to do Electronic Check In

* Team check-in process entails minimal documentation to be given to the tournament committee and requires the teams to have the other applicable documentation in their possession during the tournament.

* The required documents that are to be sent to the tournament committee (by Gotsoccer) and subsequently retained are noted below. All documents will need to be uploaded into Gotsoccer. All other documents/passes are to be in the possession of the teams. Each team will be asked to sign and affirm that they have all the necessary documents their possession in order to comply with the tournament rules, Missouri Youth Soccer Association (MYSA) rules, and US Youth Soccer Association (USYSA) rules.

* The following items are to be uploaded into Gotsoccer: 1. Official State Roster 2. Travel Permit (if applicable) 3. Guest Player Forms (if applicable) 4. State Player ID’s

* Medical waivers will be held by the coaches at all games. All identification cards will be collected and reviewed, prior to the game by the Field Marshall. Cards will be held during the game and returned after the game.

 updated the 'spectator' section of the Youth Sport Guidelines. Section 5B applies to soccer.

STL County Youth Sport Guidelines | PDF

LIMITED spectators are allowed - one person per athlete (including parents and guardians) are allowed to attend if the athlete needs transportation to the game, as long as those spectators comply with all requirements for facial coverings and social distancing.

REAL WC Academy program expands due to continued success

2006 Academy 9/13/2020 in Iowa.

The REAL WC 06 Academy dominated in Iowa this past weekend in their National League games with wins of 5-0 and 4-0 over DFC Nebraska and Iowa Rush. The 2006 Academy team, like many of our other Academy teams, are made up of players from all of our RWC teams and supported by their their teams coaches, who do an excellent job in preparing their players. Each Academy team is lead by a neutral coach that does not coach another team in their age group.

Currently we have two Pre Academy teams 2010 & 2009 girls that are training and playing tournaments outside of a players regular team. By design our Academy players still remain on their own teams with their friends and favorite coaches. The Pre-Academy team is an additional opportunity with comparable players playing at a higher level. These teams are being prepared for the the Academy program starting at age 13 to play in State Cup, National League and College Showcases.

Academy teams at 2007, 2008, 2006, 2005, and 2004 Elite are playing in the National League (Midwest Conference Division, Slysa Elite League, Missouri State Cup, College Showcases, and the Disney Showcase) along with their regular teams in the SLYSA league with their friends and coaches. Remember, Academy teams do not replace RWC league teams but enhance opportunities for development and play against elite competition in the Midwest Region through our Academy program.

With the support of our coaches and families this is fast becoming a huge success! A comment from a parent in Iowa last weekend summed up the popularity of the RWC Academy, “My daughter has learned so much and loves the challenge of playing against really good 2006 teams”.

Futsal sign ups are under way for our RWC in-house league running from Dec-Feb 2020. Please contact our Office for details.

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Elite Showcase


2020 Missouri Invitational
March 6-8, 2020

Adam Ragsdale
Memorial Cup

August 14-16, 2020