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REAL WC St. Louis Club Trainers
Dick Westbrook

Mr. Westbrook has over 30 years of Coaching experience, ranging from National Champion Club level teams to State winning High School Squads. Dick spent many years with the Busch Soccer Club and is presently the head coach of Visitation Academy in St. Louis. WC St. Louis is proud to have Mr. Westbrook as a member of our club. Dick holds a USSF "B" license and has held numerous other titles in his past: Washington University in St. Louis Head Coach, Youth Director of Scott Gallagher Soccer Club and MYSA's 2001 Coach of the Year. He is a member of the St. Louis Soccer Hall of Fame. Coach Westbrook has been with WC St. Louis since 2008.


Chris Fuchs
Chris has over 30 years of Coaching experience, ranging from 7 state cup semi final level teams, MRL level teams, Many college showcases including multiple trips to the famous Disney showcase. Chris has 9 years of attending the University of North Carolina team camps. He spent many years with the Fenton athletic Assoc. coaching and running their soccer tournaments. Chris is presently the President of WC St. Louis Soccer Club. WC St. Louis is proud to have Chris Fuchs as a member of our club. Chris holds a USSF "D" license and attended the Youth National licensing clinc, Dutch touch, NSCAA coaching classes, etc. Chris helps with several local camps in the ST.Louis area each year as well as running 2-3 tournaments from WC St.Louis in Missouri for a number of years. Chris was a co-founder of WC St. Louis Soccer club. Chris also attended the North Carolina Goal keeping team camp sessions for 3 years. Still today you will see Chris at almost every club training session and referees many inhouse futsal games. Chris has trained  a number of ODP players both state and regional level players that have went onto play in college at all levels.(D1,D2,D3,NAIA, JR college, semi-pro and one professional level player.

Jay Kraus
Coach Jay has been with WC St.Louis and was one of the founders of the club. In 2013 he had 13 players sign to play in college. Jay helps with our club training and is a huge part of WC St.Louis. Coach Jay has attend the University of North Carolina team camps for four years with his teams and holds a "D" license. Jay has trained six players on the MO ODP and one regional player to his credit. Jay has over 18 years of coaching experience and was a CO -FOUNDER of WC ST.. Louis Soccer Club. Jay also provide private training to many players.

Mike Pieri
Former Elite CBC High School state champion and college player he brings a wealth of soccer playing experience. Mike has coached teams from u9 girls up to u18 boys for WC St.Louis. Mike has a "D" license and over 40 years of coaching and playing experience.

Brian Fuchs
Brian has a huge background in youth soccer and played for several clubs including WC.Louis, Busch Soccer Club and Lou Fuse Soccer Club.
Brian has an "F" coaching license and has attended the North Carolina team camp one year.

Matt Budd
Head Goal keeping trainer for for WC St. Louis since 2011. Matt uses principals of goal keeping from North Carolina for attacking goal keeping.

Paul Turin
Paul is our Head goal keeping trainer for for REAL WC St. Louis since 2019. Paul uses principals of goal keeping and his past professional experience for attacking goal keeping.
Available for private training. 

Ignacio Novas, Dada, Ferd Lang, Tom Hessel, Rusty McFarland and Mike Scholze are coaches who regularly help with club training events.

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