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Open TRY-OUT DATEs FOR 2019 Spring Season is Jan & feb. Please contact the coach for information.

NOTICE: 2019 Regarding Kick-Arounds, id Camps, Academy Sessions or whatever other crazy name that people make up for any session held prior to your District’s official tryout date. As of August 1st, 2017 the MYSA Board adopted a change that allowed participation in organized activities within other clubs. This allows advertising of these sessions to the general public and for a player to attend and be given general information about the club and its programming. This is done without the need of a signed Permission To Participate document. Listed on the MYSA website.

Open Tryouts:   C
ontact the coach or the WC office 636-343-3750 or cfuchs@awacademy.com for restricted kick arounds or player evaluations. Restricted tryouts/Kickarounds are allowed during the seasonal year to form teams to play League or a Cup competition in the current seasonal year or to add players to a team's League or Cup competition roster.  Players that are presently rostered to two (2) competitive teams may not be solicited, recruited, attend or participate in a "Restricted Tryout". 

Registration: There is no cost to try-out, but you are required to sign in.

Updated for the Summer  2018 season. Updated 9/25/2018 Boys & Girls Dates & Times for the Fenton location tryouts

August openings 
U7 Girls (DOB 2012 Jan1-Dec31)            LOOKING for New teams contact the WC Office 

U7 Boys (DOB 2012 Jan1-Dec31)            LOOKING for New teams contact the WC Office 

U8 Girls (DOB 2011 Jan -Dec31)           Existing team   contact the coach one openings on Poptarts

U8 Boys (DOB 2011 Jan1-Dec31)           Existing team  contact the coach on Blue Raiders

U9 Girls (DOB 2010 Jan1-Dec31)       Existing team contact the coach on Sambas

U9 Boys (DOB 2010 Jan1-Dec31)      Existing team  contact the coach three openings on Raiders

U10 Girls (DOB 2009 Jan1-Dec31)   Three existing teams  contact the coach on openings  
U10 Boys(DOB 2009 Jan1-Dec31)     contact the coach on openings   

U11 Girls (DOB 2008 Jan1-Dec31)     Three existing teams, contact the coach Thunder-cats has openings

U11 Boys (DOB 2008 Jan1-Dec31)    Looking for a team & coach to fill this slot

U12 Boys (DOB 2007 Jan1-Dec31)     Looking for a team & coach to fill this slot

U12 Girls (DOB 2007 Jan1-Dec31)     Three teams  contact the coach on openings   

U13 Boys (DOB 2006 Jan1-Dec31)     contact the coach  has 2-3 openings on Fire  

U13 Girls  (DOB 2006 Jan1-Dec31)     Four existing teams  has one opening on Nationals, has 3-4 openings on Wolverines

U14 Boys(DOB 2005Jan1-Dec31)    Existing team Looking for a team & coach to fill this slot        

U14 Girls (DOB 2005 Jan1-Dec31)   Three existing teams contact the coach         

U15  Girls (DOB 2004 Jan1-Dec31)  Four existing teams contact the coach

U15 Boys (DOB 2004 Jan1-Dec31   Needing a whole team & coach 

U16 Girls (DOB 2003 Jan1-Dec31)    One team has 2-3 openings on Phoenix

U16  Boys (DOB 2003 Jan1-Dec31)    Need a whole team & coach

U17 Girls (DOB 2002 Jan1-Dec31)  Two teams contact the coach

U17 Boys (DOB 2002 Jan1-Dec31)    Needing whole team  & coach              

U18 Boys (DOB 2001 Jan1-Dec31)     Needing whole team  & coach     

U18 Girls (DOB 2001 Jan1-Dec31)    LOOKING for New teams contact the WC Office 

U19 Boys & Girls (DOB 2000 Jan1-Dec31)     Girls Existing team contact the coach

U20 Boys & Girls (DOB 2000 Jan1-Dec31)          


 Tryout Check In Form   (Bring completed form with you and turn in at registration table.)
All players are required to attend tryouts for their age group .
All players MUST wear shin guards and bring a soccer ball & Water
NO jewelry (earrings, bracelets, necklaces, etc.), permitted.

Try-out Questions? 
Contact - Chris Fuchs - 636-343-3750 or cfuchs@awacdemy.com

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