WC St. Louis

WC St. Louis - 2016 Winter Futsal League


Jan 2nd, 2016 -Mid March reserve you slot now.


Fenton – Our Savior (1500 San Simeon Way)


Boys and Girls U7 – U18
1st and 2nd divisions where applicable

League Fees

U8-U18 - 1 referee $675 for WC teams, $775 for non WC teams

Game Day/Times

Friday Nights – Our  Savior Lutheran 6pm – 10
Saturday nights 8am-11pm
Sunday’s- Our  Savior Lutheran-1pm – 6 pm

# of Games

8 games

View a list of Registered/Interested Teams

House Rules to the Laws of the Game
1. Goalkeeper cannot throw the ball into the opponent’s penalty arc
2. No scoring from kick-offs.
4. Five Second Restarts
5. Two 22:30 min halves (Running Clock)
6. Open Rosters (No Roster Limits)

Game Balls
Under U12 - size 3 or a Select "Jinga Jr"
U13 and older – size 4 or a Select "Jinga"

Games cancellation Policy
We reserve the right to postpone or cancel games at any time for any reason such as bad weather or facility problems. WC St. Louis plays games in all-weather unless the facility cancels.Cancellations are very rare events. If there are games cancelled, refunds will not be provided.

Additional Questions
If you have any additional questions or concerns regarding the WC St. Louis Futsal, please feel free to contact us at
Email club for application: wcstlouis@awacademy.com

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