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Coaching Staff

W.C. St. Louis is fortunate to have an outstanding coaching staff of more than two dozen passionate professionals.  Collectively our coaching staff has many years of experience playing and coaching soccer at various different levels.  We encourage all our coaches to have a high understanding for the game and promote bettering themselves coaching education.  We have at least ten coaches holding the USSF Class-D coaching license.

W.C. St. Louis players will benefit from multiple styles, perspectives, and talents our coaching staff brings.

Meet the W.C. St. Louis Coaching Staff:


Photo Coach Name Certification
Ty Abbott
David Aiello
Chris Arnold
Jeff` Barry
scott bartels
Gary Becker
Robert Bender
Benton Birch
Jeff Bommarito
Heather Bonds
Heather Bonds
Jonathan Boomer
James Brown
Matthew Budd
Mario Cacioppo
Mark Caldwell
Daniel Carpenter
charlie chafin
Brian Daus
Mike Davidson
Mike Deane USSF D
John Deister
Eric Dennis
katie Dennis
brian Douglass
Jay Eichenlaub
Shawn English
Melissa FIndley
Chris Frein
Brian Fuchs USSF F
Chris Fuchs/Director
Walter Gale
Anthony Gaughan
Benjamin Griffiths
Christopher Gyles
James Hamilton
Thomas Hessel
John Hill USSF D
mike hoefler
Amanda Hosner
Matthew Hrdlicka
Josh Hunter
Stacey Johnston
Amber Jordan
Ted Kaminski
michael kappler
mike kappler
Chris Kohnz
Jay Kraus USSF D
Jay Kraus
Jeffrey Kriska
Brian Laffleur
dennis lamons
Ferd Lang
Matt Lang
Juan Legters
William Letchworth
Eric Ludwig
Jonathan Magruder
Jason Mayfield
Russel McFarland
Renee Miller
Jeremy Milligan
Alan Mueller
Mark Petric
Mike Pieri
Jeffrey Pupillo
Todd Pytlinski
Alyssa Reis
Keith Rodermund
Mike Rosh
Steve Schmidt
Michael Scholze
Dawn Smith
Kimberly Smith
Christopher Sneed
Katie Sneed
Brian Stegmann
Dave Stover
Tom Theiss
christian vatterott
Thomas Wade
Tom Wade
Devin Werkmeister
Richard Werner
Rick Werner
Larry White
Todd Wilhelm
Ryan Wilke
Jason Wilson
Scott Zarinelli

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Missouri Girls Invitational
September 26-27, 2013
Missouri Boys Invitational
October 4-6, 2013


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