WC St. Louis

Mission Statement

WC St. Louis is a family friendly soccer club that offers all young players the opportunity to reach their full potential in soccer by providing them a safe, fun and challenging environment in which to do so, through a structured training program that prepares them for the demands of local, regional, high school, ODP and collegiate competition.

We are committed to identifying, recruiting and promoting the education of the best youth soccer coaches in the St. Louis metropolitan and surrounding areas as well as providing opportunities for year-round play, in hopes of fostering a life-long passion for the sport on behalf of all our members. We believe that soccer has a unique capacity to foster the positive physical, cognitive and social development of our children. In so doing, we strive to enhance the respectability and identity of the club within our greater community, and hope that we might be a source of pride beyond our membership alone.

WC St. Louis is the new hotbed of soccer in St. Louis!

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