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Woodchips SC St. Louis was founded in 1996 in the recreation leagues in Fenton. Soon after WC teams began competing in the select divisions of local leagues with much success.

 In 2006 WC St. Louis reached it's peak at 58 teams and began using the name WC St. Louis. A simple name change from Woodchips to WC St. Louis showed a large spike in teams. The following year a number of teams split off to form their own club. WC St. Louis averaging about 40-50 teams per year. While many clubs have had to merge over the years to stay afloat WC St. Louis has remained a family friendly club that parents and players can be proud of. There are several Corporate backed soccer clubs much larger then WC and many many smaller clubs in the Metro area. WC St. Louis has had long distance players that have played for our club and travel here each week for 1-3 years. Indianapolis, Sikeston, Cape , Springfield, MO, including 9 current Rolla players. Many of these players travel several hours one way three times a week to get our quality training and family friendly club.

From our youth development and club training getting them some of best footskills training in Missouri/Illinois.
Here at WC St. Louis we care about our players and 24 of them signed to play in college in 2013. 2014, 2015, and 2016 had a number of additional girls signed. Just a normal part of what we do from u7 -u18 and beyond. For those college bound players, WC St. Louis is where you want to be. Each year teams play in local leagues, National league, and some of the best showcases around the Midwest including Disney.

Each summer we host local soccer boot camps u7-u14 for our youth players and offer travel team camps to North Carolina where Anson Dorrance offers the best training in the USA for WC St. Louis players and coaches that attend. Each winter we offer specialized training preparing the high school girls for their high school tryouts by WC Staff. Over the summer we offer the same for u15-u18 boys workouts wanting to make their high school teams. 

We work with many colleges finding the right fit for our college bound players. In 2013, 8 players and 2 long time former WC players made the Girls High School All-Star team voted on by high school coaches. That's 1/3 of all players selected were WC St. Louis players voted on by your local schools. This is more proof we are providing some of the best training in St. Louis for your players. 2015 and 2016 seasons have produced many tournament champions.
We are the new "Hot Bed" of soccer in St. Louis.

2019 spring brings new leased Bermuda fields in Valley Park. Slysa league games for REAL WC teams will be scheduled there saving lots of drive time and money for parents. These fields are beautiful.

REAL STL joins WC St. Louis as REAL WC St. Louis for the 2019/20 season with 17 teams pushing our number to approx. 47 teams.

2020/21 season Madrinas SC from St. Charles County joins REAL WC St. Louis to add 10 more teams (57). This gave us a larger footprint in the Metro St. Louis & St. Charles area. In addition we have founded five academy level teams that brings our best players onto a high level teams playing in the National League. Those same players still play for their based team allowing teams to stay strong yet providing upper level team play.

2021-2022 brings a fresh new start as REAL WC St. Louis returns to it's roots of family friendly soccer . The club structure as a non profit club continues to move forward in a positive way. The real future is now! 

Chris Fuchs-Director 

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